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Teachers and Staff

Pre School and TK
Contact Linda Blanch  Linda Blanch Teacher
Contact Kristy Cuhna  Kristy Cuhna Teacher
Contact Kendra Capen  Kendra Capen Teacher
Contact Anna Davie  Anna Davie Teacher
Contact Argelia Ramos  Argelia Ramos Teacher


Contact Josephine Morales Thomas  Josephine Morales Thomas Teacher
Grade 1
Contact Yvonne Crosby Young  Yvonne Crosby Young Teacher
Contact Sharon Hays  Sharon Hays Teacher
Contact Rosa Rivera  Rosa Rivera Teacher
Grade 2
Contact Miguel Loza  Miguel Loza Teacher
Contact Victoria Montoya  Victoria Montoya Teacher
Contact Lori Suydam  Lori Suydam Teacher
Grade 3
Contact Jacqueline Hinke  Jacqueline Hinke Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Magallon  Elizabeth Magallon Teacher
Contact Luis Mestas  Luis Mestas Teacher
Grade 4
Contact Danielle Alexander  Danielle Alexander Teacher
Contact LaDonna Dixon  LaDonna Dixon Teacher
Contact Alejandro Gonzalez-Galvan  Alejandro Gonzalez-Galvan Teacher
Grade 5
Contact Gonzalo Nunez  Gonzalo Nunez Teacher
Contact Olivia Schweizer  Olivia Schweizer Teacher


Contact Barbara Sorce  Barbara Sorce Teacher
Grade 6
Contact Rebecca Bear  Rebecca Bear Teacher
Contact Angela Uribe  Angela Uribe Teacher
Library Media Tech
Contact Michelle Blumstein  Michelle Blumstein Staff
Contact Jack Lee  Jack Lee Teacher
Contact Michelle Hatch  Michelle Hatch Teacher
Contact Ben Kane  Ben Kane Teacher
Contact Mikael Wincor  Mikael Wincor Teacher
Contact Heidi Yount  Heidi Yount Teacher
Prt/ELL Coordinator
Contact Elvia Gauzin  Elvia Gauzin Teacher
Contact Ariz Fuentez  Ariz Fuentez Teacher
TOSA Coach
Contact Denise Oh  Denise Oh Teacher
HUSD and Psychologists
Contact Miriam Reynaga  Miriam Reynaga Staff
Contact Evelyn Rivera  Evelyn Rivera Staff
Resource Specialist
Contact Victoria Yeates  Victoria Yeates Teacher
School and Office Staff
Contact George Harmon  George Harmon Staff
Contact Erica Lang  Erica Lang Staff

Family Engagement, Outreach and Equity Specialist

District Nurse
Contact Exia Sikes  Exia Sikes Staff
Para Educators
Contact Nicholas James  Nicholas James Staff
Contact Myrna Lino  Myrna Lino Staff
Contact Cecillia Maldonado  Cecillia Maldonado Staff
Contact Valexis Sutton  Valexis Sutton Staff