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Help! My Child doesn't Listen to Me!

How to Motivate and Inspire Children without Criticism

By Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. [Guest Article]

I hear this complaint from parents just about every day. “My child just doesn’t listen.” I tell them, “My guess is that you aren’t giving them an example of what ...more

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Box tops for education icon
Congratulations Park Elementary School for reaching our goal. You helped earn over $1,000 dollars in box tops money for our school!


Every 50 box tops equal one piece of recess equipment for your class So far, this year we've received SAFETY VESTS, PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT, KLEENEX AND INK CARTRIDGES for classroom printers! Great job so far.

cal recycle logo
Park School is also involved in the California Recycling program. Help support this program by sending your plastic and aluminum recyclables to school with your child.


Any further questions on Box Tops or Recycling please contact Ms. Caldwell 723-3875.